The British Materials Handling Federation constitutes the British National Committee of the Federation Européenne de la Manutention (FEM).

Membership of the British Materials Handling Federation is open to British Trade Associations whose member companies engage in the design, manufacture or supply of materials handling equipment.

BMHF collectively represents over 400 companies with in excess of 25,000 employees and operating in an industry with a total turnover exceeding £3.5 billion.

Founded in 1964, the main aims of the Federation are to encourage the extension of the use of materials handling equipment in all industries and to foster, by all practical means, the development of the materials handling industry in the interests of users and the national economy.

The Role of BMHF

BMHF’s role is to facilitate a route to European representation for its Member Associations.

The materials handling industry is a global business. As such it is important that the UK is represented at the European level.

Accordingly, BMHF acts as a conduit to Europe for its Member Associations who are in turn entitled to be represented within the appropriate materials handling product group of the FEM.

The Federation also serves to offer some collective promotion of the UK materials handling industry and its Member Associations who may be featured in promotional literature and are listed on the Federation’s web site (see Member Associations).